Boys and girls basketball schedule for the 17th
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Enjoy your special day!
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happy Father’s Day
Students making special treats for Teacher Appreciation week.
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students cooking
putting food together
getting food prepared
displaying food
7th grade found themselves pulling weeds at Lakeside Christian Church on Give Back Day!
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7th grade
pulling weeds
pulling weeds
pulling weeds
Congratulations to our former SKS students for graduating from Cassville High School this month. We wish them all the best in their next journey. Robert Boyd Brayden Hayes Amber Hayes Dre Jines Juliette Johnson Ean Pryor Madelyn Richter Addison Sherfy Hailey Turben Cole Watts
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Mr. Riepl caught 3rd grade a class pet for a day!
21 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
black snake
Earlier this year, Matt Cups and Cassville High School FFA presented to 7th grade about careers in agriculture. The students learned there are many options in agriculture, there are different options for different education levels, and getting involved in an organization, like FFA, is a great way to make connections and get started in the industry.
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Tuesday, 5/28, Waffles for breakfast Pizza and salad for lunch.
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Come and enjoy a free meal.
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free meal flyer
A community mentor donated enough money for each first grader to receive 2 new books from the book fair.  We love our mentors!!!!  
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1st grade with new books
These students met and exceeded their growth goals in math and reading on the iready end of year assessment! We are so proud of our Chargers! #chargerpride
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2nd grade
5th grade
3rd grade
4th grade
1st grade
SKS would like to bid a sad farewell to Mrs. Boyd. She will be terribly missed! We wish you all the best in your new adventure.
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Macy opening a gift
Macy with gift
Take advantage of this resource.
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free meal flyer
Congratulations to Mrs. Everett! She has retired and is looking forward to not setting an alarm! Mrs. Everett will be sorely missed and SKS wishes her many fun, relaxing, alarm free days ahead!
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retirement gift
Mrs. Everett receiving gift
Mrs Everett sitting in rocking chair
Volleyball camp!
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volleyball flyer
Congratulations to our graduating 8th grade class! SKS wishes them all the best on their high school journey.
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8th grade class
PreK studying shadows cast by the sun.
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tracing shadows
tracing shadows
tracing shadows
6th grade went to Harter House for their career field trip today. They learned there are multiple different types of jobs there. Not only are there different jobs in different departments, but also there are different levels of jobs to take of all of the needs for a department.
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harter house
Harter house
This is a great resource, please take advantage of it.
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summer food program
Teacher Appreciation Week!
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teacher poster
Cody& Kendra