Due to a water leak and the need to shut off the water to the building, all after school activities including charger time are canceled. Tuesday, February 7, 2023.
about 4 hours ago, Chris Conyac
Mrs. Everett introducing the flute to Kindergarten.
about 10 hours ago, Rhonda Wheeler
playing the flute
playing the flute
playing the flute
music class
7th grade visited Freedom Bank for their career field trip. They learned about different positions in the Bank, as well as processes and procedures used. They also learned about different types of savings accounts to help them save their money, and how the bank uses those accounts to make money, as well.
1 day ago, Rhonda Wheeler
bank tour
bank tour
Due to continued hazardous road conditions on side roads in Shell Knob. School will be closed on Friday, February 3. AMI Day 4
5 days ago, Chris Conyac
snowy parking lot
snow covered road
snow covered road
In 7th grade science, students used Starbursts to model the Rock Cycle. First, they formed sedimentary rock with the pieces of "sediment." Next, they applied heat and pressure with their hands to create metamorphic rock. Finally, they melted the metamorphic rock and let it cool to become igneous rock.
5 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
melting clay
kids studying
melted clay
Clay and rock
Sixth grade career presentation by Garrett Barnes, owner of Elevated Productions. He presented about videography and photography (also with a drone), being a business owner, and marketing. Mr. Barnes explained the specifics of what it takes to create quality pictures and videos for clients. He also talked about being a business owner, including the importance of treating people well, making a good impression, and taking initiative.
6 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
Wonderful wisdom - found in the middle school hallway!
7 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
bulletin board
Shell Knob School will be closed on Tuesday, January 31, due to unsafe road conditions. AMI Day 1
8 days ago, Chris Conyac
Snow Day
Shell Knob School will be closed Tuesday, January 31, 2023 due to hazardous road conditions. AMI day 1
8 days ago, Chris Conyac
Congratulations to our very own former SKS student Ethan Dias! Ethan has earned a full scholarship to Missouri Southern State University to throw the javelin! #chargerpride
8 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
medal ceremony
throwing javelin
First grade painting chicks
11 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
Kindergarten painting different types of lines
14 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
Pull rings, can tabs, (any metallic tab) whatever you call them, we want them! Elementary verses middle school! Pop your tabs and send them in. They are donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity where they recycle them for money for families to stay free in their housing units during a child’s stay at the hospital.
15 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
pop tabs
SKS middle school represented and had a blast at the Drury Lady Panthers basketball game.
18 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
at a basketball game
3rd & 4th grade girls for the win!
19 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
girls basketball
Mrs. TK was awarded a science grant she applied for and now Checkers, the baby Corn Snake makes his home at SKS!
20 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
corn snake
corn snake
Career presentation- Sergeant Givens from the Missouri State Highway Patrol presented to 7th grade about a career in law enforcement. He explained his most important tool is his ears, because listening to people gives him a lot of answers and let's him respond appropriately. He also explained that a lot of his job is service and helping people in the community, which he really enjoys.
21 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
kids talking
Before our break, 7th grade did a “fizzing Christmas tree” experiment with 3rd grade. The first week, they prepared the trees; mixed vinegar, water and baking soda. The next week, they fizzed the trees!
26 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
Sharpen the Saw, today the 3rd grade had free play in counseling which promotes and encourages critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. Some of the boys made it across the floor by moving planks!
27 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
boys playing
boys playing
Come and see The Show
29 days ago, Rhonda Wheeler
show poster