science fair

Shell Knob school held their 2nd annual Science Fair hosted by science teacher Mrs. TK.  For months, students and teachers worked hard on asking questions, testing theories and proving/disproving hypotheses.    The school began the day going out to the playground to watch "Ryan's Rad Rocket" launch.  As with true science where there are hits and misses, there were a couple of attempts to launch that did not execute.  Ryan did not give up!  He quickly changed the ignitor and tried again.  The students surrounded Ryan and began the countdown, 3, 2, 1 .....blastoff!  The rocket shot high towards the sky, encouraged by the students' excited cheers!  Later, students would see demonstrations of glowing liquids, learn about food reactions, and discover new facts about solar power and space, just to name a few.  

The students displayed their work in the gym for the whole school to preview.  Then, that evening, the public was invited to the school to view the experiments.  Students presented their findings to small groups as they walked through and enjoyed the displays.  Awards were given to the top three experiments in each grade group; first through third, fourth and fifth and the last group was sixth through eighth grade.  Winners were determined by votes from school staff.  The science fair is a great opportunity for students to work through the scientific method for questions or problems that they find of interest and can apply to real life.