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Student Links

Reading Eggs is a website that offers students a fun way to practice Reading skill.  User name and password are required.

I Know it is a website that offers students a fun way to practice math.  Username and password are required

Other Education Links

Visuwords is a link to practice words for students.  Good for Vision practice.

Starfall is a program for students that allows young students the ability to practice foundational Reading and Math skills. 

Pete's Powerpoint Station is a site that offers a variety of power points that enhance student learning.  These are used by some teachers as a supplemental teaching tool.  Students might find the power points beneficial as a review.

Professor Garfield is a website that has resources for teachers and practice for students and parents.  The site is free.

Spelling City is a website that allows parents and teachers to put in practice spelling words. Students can play games to help them memorize spelling words.