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Your attendance at every practice is absolutely necessary.  Coming late or missing a practice or game shows a lack of commitment and respect for your coaches and team.

Excused absences are due to illness, family emergency, or special circumstances approved prior to practice or a game.  Notify Coach Boyd at the school at 417-858-6743.

If there is a school related conflict, you must get prior approval to attend by Coach Boyd.

Proper Attire

All players will need to wear t-shirt, shorts (no spandex) tennis shoes, and knee pads to practices.

No spandex

No undergarments showing

Good Sportsmanship

Your conduct on and off the court is expected to be respectful and mature

Positive attitudes

Treat coaches and team members with respect 

Discuss any issues with Coach Boyd

For practice, players need to be in athletic wear.  For example, shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and knee pads.
If yoga pants are worn, a long shirt needs to be worn over them
For games, players will have team shirts and need to wear shorts or athletic pants, tennis shoes and knee pads