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Cheer Leading


Always give your best

Be on time for practice and every cheer event

You must maintain a C average or higher to participate

Squad members only at cheer practice

Each week one cheerleader will be selected to teach the entire squad a new cheer.  The cheer can be self-made, borrowed from a friend on a different squad, found on the internet, or it can be new actions for an old cheer.  This is to help the squad build a collection of new cheers.  This also gives everyone a chance to be in a leadership role.  Any cheerleader, at any time, can suggest and choreograph a new cheer to teach the squad.

A team list of cheers will be an ongoing project.  As we accumulate cheers, they will be added to a list that will be used for future instruction of cheers and as a reference during games.  

Be kind and polite.  We are a team!!! We build each other up, not tear each other down. 

Be loud and proud and smile. smile, smile!!!!