SKS Holds Annual Spelling Bee

SKS Holds Annual Spelling Bee
Posted on 03/05/2021
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Shell Knob Holds Annual Spelling Bee

Each year students 4th-6th grade are given lists of over 200 words to study in December. After spending time studying the words, each class 4th-6th holds a class Spelling Bee. Next, the top three spellers from each class then compete in a School Spelling Bee held in February. The children must stand before their peers, teachers, and staff to spell each word given to them. Students that are unable to correctly spell the given word are eliminated. After everyone but two have been eliminated, the rules change for the championship round. Now students must spell their word, if missed the next person must spell that word plus the next to be declared the winner and the other student becomes the alternate. The alternate goes to Joplin if the winner cannot make it for some reason. 

Although things are different this year, the spelling bee was held with just as much anticipation as always. The students did in class Spelling Bees and then a Spelling Bee in front of their competitors and the competitors’ classes. However, the rest of the school joined the Spelling Bee as spectators through the Zoom online platform. 

The top speller usually goes to Joplin in March to compete in Joplin’s annual Spelling Bee. However, this year’s top speller will be given a special prize and recognition for their achievement, since the in-person Spelling Bee has been cancelled.

February 25th eight children came together before their school and competed in an intense Spelling Bee. The students stood before the judges trying to calm their nerves and spell their way to the top. 

Students in the competition were: Six, 4th graders Easton Campbell, Lennox Rose, Lizzie Whiteley, Harley Riley, Freya Carlsen, Emma O’Brien --, 5th grade – Sidney Uzlik, Orion Koory, and Leah Walker, 6th grade—Breonna Hannick and Kenzie Mack.  

The final winner of the SKS Spelling Bee 5th grader is Sidney Uzlik and the 2nd place is 6th-grader Breonna Hannick. Congratulate them if you see them.