Red Ribbon Week 2020

Red Ribbon Week 2020
Posted on 11/03/2020
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SKS Celebrates “Red Ribbon Week”

Every year students across the nation wear red and hold other celebrations to show their dedication to staying drug free. Shell Knob Student Council members chose the theme for Shell Knob’s “Red Ribbon Week” and the different activities in which students would be involved.

Red Ribbon week was kicked off on Thursday October 22nd by all the students wearing neon colors and glow sticks. Students danced in the dark and celebrated being drug free.

Each day had a different motto and prize for the students. Thursday’s motto was “Too bright to do Drugs”. Tuesday’s motto was “Too Cozy to do Drugs”. Students, teachers, and staff wore pj’s and snuggled their favorite stuffed animal. Wednesday was “Stick Together and don’t do Drugs”. Students, teachers, and whole classes twinned for the day to show solidarity. Thursday was, “Too Wild to do Drugs”, everyone put on their inner cowboy/cowgirl and we had a great Ole’ time. Friday was, “Stay in Character and don’t do Drugs”, students, teachers, and staff dressed as their favorite character.

Before “Red Ribbon Week” student council members prepared gift bags for each student at SKS. Students received, yo-yo’s, beach balls, pencils, treats, and other prizes to remind them to make the choice to stay drug free.