Shell Knob Fall Volleyball

Shell Knob Fall Volleyball
Posted on 11/22/2019

Shell Knob Elementary Fall Volleyball

SKS has developed an elementary volleyball program over the last couple of years. The head coach is Macy Boyd. This year Mrs. T-K has join in to assist in the coaching process. The grades that play are 3rd -4th and 5th --6th. The students play in the Branson Rec League. Practice has been on Wednesdays throughout the fall season. Games have been played on Saturdays at the Branson Rec Plex.

The 3rd-4th grade team's record was 6-2 and there were only 7 girls. Therefore, those girls had to play the whole game with only one player to sub in and out. The 4th graders had strong serves and great passes. While the 3rd grade girls did a great job playing volleyball for the first time. 

The 5th-6th grade team’s record was 6-1 and there were 9 girls playing. They had a lot of close games, games that we were down points and came back, and games that went into three sets and won! This group of girls really know how to work hard, hustle, and they never give up, even when they're down 10 points. We even had a few great spikes during games!

The 6th graders will also get to play on middle school volleyball team in the spring. They still have work to do to be ready to play in middle school, but they’ll be a great team. 

This group of girls have amazing attitudes and are very encouraging to each other, which contributes to all of their wins!