Shell Knob School gets visitor from Roaring River

By Amber Hayes, Shell Knob Journalism Class 

third grade with bear

Shell Knob School had a visitor from Roaring River come down on Nov. 15, 2018 to show the 3rd grade a bear hide and teach them about bear safety rules.

third grade with bearThe bear skin was from a year old bear that got hit by a car. Researchers say that Black Bears are moving into Missouri from Arkansas. Ranger Steven Jabben also patrols Roaring River. 3rd grade got to touch the hide, scull, scat, and even a model of bear prints.

Ranger Jabben also mentioned that bears are generally more afraid of us and try to look bigger if you encounter one. It shows dominance.

The 3rd grade class had so much fun and appreciated Ranger Jabben for taking his time off and come to class to teach them about bear safety.