SKS Celebrated being a Charger

group photo during spirit weekShell Knob School celebrated being Chargers by holding a back-to-school Spirit Week. Students, teachers, staff, and administration got into the fun celebrating their pride at being Chargers.

Each day had a different theme and everyone choose how to show their colors, their silly side, their twin, their future, and their super-ness.

Hawaiian dayThe week was kicked off by going Green to show support for the first home basketball game. The day was filled with school pride and the evening was filled with cheers for the Boys and Girls team. Next, was mismatched day. There were some crazy clothes combinations wandering around the hallways. Wednesday was, twin someone. W
hole classes matched plus many twins and multiplies showed up for the fun. Thursday was, what’s your future? The future president showed up. SKS students have some bright futures planned. Friday was super hero day. The building was filled with real and imagined super heroes.
twin day
Everyone got into the spirit to help kick off another great year at SKS. Be on the lookout for the super heroes at Shell Knob School.