Shell Knob School holds Celebration of Learning

celebration of learning, group photoThis year SKS is trying some new and exciting ways to showcase students learning in their classrooms.

On Thursday 2/15/2018, K-1 held their very first Celebration of Learning. Students’ art work was on display, students sang songs and read poems, and students showed their learning in P.E. plus students showcased their learning of the 7 Habits for Happy Kids. Parents, grandparents, and family members got to celebrate their child’s daily learning in a new and unique manner.

celebration of learningThursday 2/22/2018, students K-8 celebrated the Founding Father, George Washington, in a George Washington Day. Students’ artwork was on display, K-1 demonstrated a Barrel Ring Roll game, while 2nd-3rd demonstrated a dance from the time-frame of George Washington, additionally, 4th and 5th grade made informational books on the first President.  6th-8th grade students displayed their argument essays as presentations and explained why George Washington is our “…first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen…,” as stated by Henry Lee in his Eulogy for Mr. Washington.

celebration of learningThe overall top to two essay writers read their argument papers to the school, in addition to that the top 7
th grader read his essay. An overall top essay was chosen by the middle school and elective teachers, as well as the top two 8th grade essays, the top two 7th grade essays, and the top two 6th grade essays.

The overall top essay winner went to a special dinner in the community and read her paper. During the afternoon, K-1 and 2
nd-3rd grade made butter, while other classes wandered the presentations created by older students. Last but not least, everyone got to try different breads from the 1700’s.