SKSJHS Induction Ceremony Recognizes High Achieving students

SKSJNHS membersOn April 4th, the Shell Knob Chapter of Junior Honor Society inducted several new members. Several staff were in attendance in addition to current members, family and friends.  New members and their families were invited to take part in the induction, as well as, a dinner at Carmelina's.  Carmelina’s is at the King’s River Marina in Shell Knob. This is the third year they have hosted the dinner portion of the induction ceremony.

This year the inductees included Robby Boyd, Madelyn Holtmann, and Addi Sherfy. Current members light a candle for each quality students are required to have to be a member of the Honor Society.

SKSJNHS membersThis year’s members wrote their own understanding of each of the 5 pillars of the Honor society. Character, Citizenship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service are all qualities that SKSJHS students must uphold to be a part of Junior High Honor Society.  Students are invited to fill out an application based on their grade point.  However, official acceptance is voted on by a teacher selection committee. This committee takes into consideration the student’s character, citizenship, leadership, service in addition to his or her scholarship before deciding that students can be a part of the SKSJHS.