SKS is Back in Session

Shell Knob School is back in session. Teachers, administration, and staff have been working tirelessly for the last couple weeks to finish preparing the school for students to return and fill the halls with cheerful voices, smiles, and energy. Eagerly each teacher prepares their classroom, lessons, and self for the best year ever. Students also come in enthusiastically anticipating the best year they will ever have.

SKS opened its door to a new school year on August 16, 2017. Parents, students, teachers, and staff joined together for a back-to-school breakfast. Everyone enjoyed delicious cinnamon rolls, strawberry/banana smoothie, and sausage prepared by our great kitchen staff.

Shell Knob also has a couple of fabulous new faces roaming the halls this year. The first new face is Robert Rhine or “Bubba” as he has been known for 35 years. “Mr. B”, as the students will know him, comes to us from Carthage, MO. Mr. B moved to Shell Knob 4 years ago to help care for his father after his mother died. He is SKS’s new night custodian. If you see Mr. B around give him a great welcome!

The second new face, though quite familiar, is Kendra Richter. Though not new to SKS, she is new to the position of fourth grade teacher. Kendra, formally Kendra Hadlow, graduated from SKS in 2007. She went on to graduate from Cassville High School in 2011. Kendra said that her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Susan Hadlow, asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Kendra’s response of course was “a teacher”! After diligently pursuing her education and training, her dream has come true. She is teaching students in the school district she has always wanted to teach in. Shell Knob School is delighted to continue our lifelong relationship with Mrs. Richter!