SKS Celebrates March Madness

checker winnersby Judy ReynoldsShell Knob School Counselor

Shell Knob School's own March Madness (aka 3rd annual Checkers Tournament) recently came to an end! 

The top 3 winners of each classroom tournament were presented with Olympic-style medals.  Those winners then went against winners from other classes. The age competitions were:  Kindergarten-1st-2nd, 3rd-4th-5th, and 6th-7th-8th grades. The top three winners of these tournaments each received trophies.

Checkers were introduced in Counseling class (during the character building "Sportsmanship" unit), when it was observed that many students played electronic games ALONE and therefore did not know how to react with another person in winning or losing. 

playing checkersLikewise, it was discovered that board games are kind of a "lost art".  Because one learns strategies in playing checkers..."if I do this, this could happen" is hoped that strategies will be applied to life's future choices!

Older students worked one-on-one with Kindergarten students to learn the game, as well as each class helped new students.  Furthermore, all students shake hands BEFORE each game, with encouraging words for the opponent, as well as AFTER the game, with congratulatory/well done comments.

Students are already anticipating the 2019 tournament!