Shell Knob holds Spring Concert K-4

SKS students sing about outerspace Students’ kindergarten-fourth grade have been singing and learning about the planets and our solar system. On April 13, SKS held its spring concert and art show. The theme was Journey into Outer Space, which is a musical from the Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music Curriculum.   SKS students sing about outerspace Students K-4th grade sang, played instruments and performed for parents, grandparents, family members and staff.   Musical numbers were: The Overture, Blast Off, Were Zooming into Space, featuring fourth grade on instruments, Planet Song, Planet Rap, which taught the order of the planets, Rappers included: Brandon Johnson, Randa Johnson, and Arian Pendergrass, Pluto Song, Soloist Emma Boss, Pluto is going to keep on being who it is even though its designation as a planet has changed, I am an Alien, with Aliens Lily Anderson, Caitlyn Bonas, Blakely Pryor, and Evan Cates. SKS students sing about outerspace