SKS Students Have Spirit

students enjoying the spirit assembly Every month SKS holds two spirit assemblies. One assembly is for K-3 students while the other is for students in 4th-8th grade. The students in Student Council plan and run the spirit assemblies.  During the assemblies students participate in cheers, games, and other activities to build school spirit. Students are also recognized for character traits that go with the character word of the month. Each month student council members choose games that will be fun and get students jumping in excitement. Sometimes the games are team building and sometimes the games are just silly. The students like to get the teachers involved either in the games or cheering for their students. During the assemblies students are awarded AR points and classes win popcorn parties for box tops collected. Students in StuCo learn to plan, lead, and implement activities for children of all ages, while building school pride. Classes also compete each month for the coveted spirit flag. The class who shows the most spirit each Friday by wearing school colors gets to keep the Spirit Flag in their room. The monthly spirit assemblies help students build school pride, civic duty and community. students with flag during spirit assembly